Three Year Old Room goals

Weight Lifting Class

Personal & Social development

  • Takes care of bathroom needs.
  • Dresses self with minimal help.
  • Separates from parents without difficulty.
  • Helps with room clean up.
  • Developing self-control.
  • Willing to try new activities.
  • Follows classroom routine.
  • Learning to share with others.
Weight Lifting Class

Language & Literacy Development

  • Communicates effectively (speaks clearly).
  • Participates in music and rhyme.
  • Shows interest in books.
  • Listens to stories.
  • Learning to listen during group time.
  • Recognizes name.
Weight Lifting Class

Cognitive Development

  • Beginning to recognize colors.
  • Matches shapes.
  • Copies a pattern.
  • Shows interest in counting.
Weight Lifting Class

Motor Development

  • Tears/cuts paper/
  • Attempts to use writing tools.
  • Developing large motor skills.
  • Shows interest in counting.
  • Understands one/one correspondence.