February Update from the Preschool & Daycare

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Hello Hilltop Familes,

Recently we have had a few new children start with us and we are so happy to have them here!  Thank you so much for choosing Hilltop for the care and education of your little ones!

The kids will be busy over the next few days making Valentine’s Day cards for the veterans in Rocky Hill.

On Friday, February 12th we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day here at Hilltop.  Unfortunately due to Covid-19 and the safety of all, we are not going to have a party with food or sweets, but the children can hand out Valentine’s Day cards to all their friends.  The teachers will provide you with a class list in the near future. 

Just a reminder in the event of a severe winter storm, we will announce a closing or an opening delay on NBC CONNECTICUT’S Storm Alert.  They no longer list childcare center closings on the television.  You may view this at www.nbcconnecticut.com.  Click of Weather, then School Closings.  We will be listed as HILLTOP DAYCARE, CROMWELL.  Please note, there is a similarly named school in Torrington named Hilltop Christian Nursery School. The best and fastest way to get any alerts will be to subscribe to an automatic text message that will be sent to you in the event of a closing or delay.  The link can be found by clicking Weather, and then Storm Closing Alerts, on their website. 

If we do get fresh snow, please pack snow pants, snow boots, a warm jacket, hat and gloves so the kids can play in the snow. 

If your child is in our school age program and will be at Hilltop during their February break, please let us know so we can plan accordingly. 

Thank you and stay safe!

Hilltop Preschool and Daycare Director

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