September Hilltop Preschool and Daycare Update

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The new school year has begun! Welcome to all the new families that have joined the Hilltop family this fall. We are so excited to get to know your family. We are truly grateful that you have chosen Hilltop for your child’s
preschool and/or daycare.

School age parents, if your child will not be getting off the bus here on
their scheduled days, please call to let us know; this saves time by not
having to call the school or parents to find out where the child is.

If you would like to receive emails from Hilltop about important events coming up or to get our monthly newsletter electronically, please be sure to leave your email address with Ms. Laura (3 year old teacher). Please remember that Hilltop is a “nut free” center. We have a few children with nut allergies and to keep all the children safe in the center please read labels on your child’s snacks to make sure no nuts are accidentally brought in.

The Connecticut Department of Early Childhood Education has made it a requirement for all children aged 6-59 months attending a daycare center must receive at least one dose of influenza vaccine now through December 31st. All Children aged 6-59 months who have not received their vaccination against influenza previously shall receive 2 doses of vaccine the first influenza season that they are vaccinated.

Children who have not received the flu vaccine by December 31st must be excluded from child care for the duration of flu season.

Thus, I return to Dr. Nelson-Johnson’s quote. To grow increasingly as an all-welcoming church family, we must bring both our poverty and our gifts to the Lord and to the church. If we check our baggage at the door, we create a decidedly unwelcoming culture, one that accepts only our gifts, not our poverty. In this case, we force each other to hide the unwelcomed parts of ourselves and live as disintegrated people. But if we can become aware of, befriend, and use both our poverty and our gifts, we can live a life together full of growth and freedom.

Therefore, in the coming months, the planning of our life together will not be focused on the issues raised when talking about inclusivity, things like class, race, politics and sexuality. Instead, we can expect opportunities to open ourselves up to God’s healing and renewal. We will share stories of brokenness and healing, doubts and trust, poverty and gifts. We will learn to lament hardship and stand firm in Christ’s love. All along my prayer will be that we, as individuals and a community, may be and become all-welcoming from the inside out.

(through March 31st) or until they receive at least one dose of the influenza vaccine. Once your child has had their flu vaccine, please bring in their updated immunization record or the slip the doctor/nurse gave you indicating the date your child got the vaccine.

As a thank you to all our parents for entrusting us with the care of your child/ren, breakfast will be on us on Friday, September 20th. You can either come a little earlier than drop off time and enjoy a nice home-cooked breakfast with your child or children. Or if you are in a rush, there will
be to-go containers for you to pack breakfast to enjoy when you get to work!

Reminder: Hilltop will be closed on Monday, September 2nd for Labor Day.

Ms. Laura